Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile APK Download on Android and iOS.

When you play the first single-player Star Wars game from the stable of EA for the first time, you’re bound to remember the movies. However, is it going to be as epic as them? Let’s find out in today’s mobile review of to get Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile APK Download on Android and iOS. More than six years ago, EA obtained the game license of Star Wars, and what they have managed to do in this period is coming up with two Battlefront titles. Where only the latter will be remembered for its insane loot box system. What that means is, for many of us, Fallen Order is going to be the first Star Wars game worthy of its badge.

Download Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile APK.


Using the download button, just get access in to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order mobile game download page. In there, you will get able to download the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order APK in to android or iOS game.  After you can play the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile game in Android or iOS.

Even though Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is develop by Respawn. Who also develop Apex Legends and Titanfall, it is actually design by Stig Asmussen and his team. For those who don’t know, Stig was the director of God Of War III. And that’s why you get to see some echos of the original trilogy of Kratos in this title as well. A good mix of other well-known titles also inspired Fallen Order. Such as The Legend Of Zelda and Uncharted, to name just a few. However, the most significant influence that will be notice is the Metroidvania genre. It’s what defines the structure of the Fallen Order as well as causes some of the major issues that we experienced. It’s something widespread in indie titles, but not in big blockbuster games.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile APK Download

Gameplay and combat:

The game is set after 5 years of Revenge of Sith. The Empire is searching for the last Jedi throughout the galaxy. You get to play as Cal Kestis, a novice Padawan who is fleeing from Imperial forces. You begin knowing lightsaber combat basics but don’t have other Jedi abilities.

When it comes to combat, it’s a mix of heavy and light attacks where the game majorly relies on countering and parrying. And that helps in replenishing the force power too. Sometimes it gets difficult to recognize if you were able to parry successfully. But overall the title strikes a sweet spot between the cinematic look of the movies and gaming mechanism. Follow the up tutorial and you will able to try this game on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mobile android or iOS.

Proper lightsaber combat is rare to find in the game. However, Scout Troopers also possess melee weapons here. It will be a long time after you start playing before you can engage in a long-range attack. If you have already played some Soulsborne titles, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order can get to the difficulty level. Which similar to the hardest of a Soulsborne game maximum. When you consider the Star Wars universe, it does make little sense to have so many Soulsborne type elements in this title, but those elements allow you to get a legitimate video game experience when playing Fallen Order.

Final words:

When starting, the primary ability you get is slowing down the time perception briefly; however, as you advance and learn how to pull and push through the Force, that expands the puzzle ranges. The most complicated puzzle takes place in the dungeons look and feel like the ones you have seen in The Legend Of Zelda. Admitted those are not like the best of Zeldas in terms of complexity and variations. But you required to give them real thought, and that’s something you rarely see in other games.