Get Minecraft Dungeons Mobile APK Download on Android and iOS.

It may look that it’s going to be the same sandbox game with its block-shaped everything, but Minecraft Dungeons is far from that. As long as review the game, we will also teach how you can get and play Minecraft Dungeons Mobile APK Download for Android and iOS. The developer Mojang decided to get rid of all the mining and crafting. As we know from the beloved game for generations and introduces RPG elements and characters with dungeons. Some would say that it’s complete revamp and redo of the age-old classic original Minecraft. But we would like to agree with them as well.

What we have done is we went through what almost all the major game reviewers on the internet. So have to say about various aspects of Minecraft Dungeon like its story, gameplay, combat, and overall feeling this game offers and came up with our take on this. So, here are some facts and details below before wee start with today’s Minecraft Dungeons mobile review.

Download Minecraft Dungeons Mobile Game – Android and iOS.


Now you can download the Minecraft Dungeons Mobile game using the download now button. In there select the Android or iOS to get download the Minecraft Dungeons Mobile installation file. Once install the game, at the beginning you may ask to get access the Minecraft Dungeons Game Servers. Once its access the servers you will able to play the Minecraft Dungeons Mobile game.

Some facts

Although it was suppose to release at sometimes in April, the date was postpone due to the COVID-19 situation. Now, Minecraft Dungeons main game is set to release on upcoming 26th May 2020. And it is going to cost you around $30 if you want to couple your order with a season pass along with the main game. However, it’s $20 only for the game without any DLC. But its now you can already play the game on your mobile for free.

Minecraft Dungeons Mobile Apk Download

What type of game is this precisely?

In short, Minecraft Dungeons Mobile is an Unreal Engine 4 base RPG game. Which has got its inspirations from typical dungeon titles like Diablo 3 where combat and loot are the two mainly focus elements. There will be multiple levels where you can counter mobs. And solve puzzles to gear up your character alongside three friends maximum.

The story line

The story is simple enough where you are going to fight Arch-Illager, the main evil character in the game, who got an artefact that enables him. To have some superpower using which he wants to build his terror empire across villages. Since Minecraft Dungeons Mobile game is develop keeping the kids in mind as its primary audience. You better not expect anything complex here, except for the good old right vs the wrong type of simple story. According to Mojang, they did put major emphasis on the character building. And the combat while keeping the story part uncomplicated enough to be understood by the minors. As you already know download the Minecraft Dungeons Mobile APK and play the game in your Android or iOS.

Minecraft: Dungeons – combat review

The combat is a great combination of range and melee attacks. If you’re a Diablo fan, you’re already familiar with what it’s going to be like roughly. Here you can use axes and hammers when engaging mobs in a melee fight, or there are bows and crossbows to be use if you want to attack from a distance. There are artefacts that will allow you to have unique abilities; however, it will cost you resources to use them. If you have seen the trailer launched at 2019 E3, you know there’s an artefact named Corrupt Beacon which you can use to throw a continuous flow of beams that will rip the enemies apart. You need to spend “souls” to use this powerful beacon.

As long as we know, there’s going to be 20 types of items for each weapon, and that means you will be getting a total of 60 weapons in three categories (ranged, melee and artefacts). Each item is customizable too.