How to Play Devil May Cry 5 Mobile game on Android and iOS – DMC 5 APK Download

Today we will talk about a new game in this article, which, to be honest, made us impressed. So, ladies and gamers, let’s start with the Devil May Cry 5 game which was the most anticipated game for mobile gaming fans, for both Android and iOS platforms. We will also give you a link to download the Devil May Cry 5 Apk file (Android And IOS) in this brief review. To get download DMC 5 Apk for Android or iOS, follow the download button below.


Gameplay review:

So, Capcom comes back with Devil May Cry 5 on 8th March of this year, and this game is a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4 which we already knew. Now, it’s a great game, and graphically, it looks incredible. The monsters in it look simply superb and insanely detailed. It’s almost like you’re playing Devil May Cry for the very first time because they have reinvented a way to play a linear game, which is, of course, a con. But you can play it with multiple characters like V, Nero, and Dante. So, you get three characters to play with even though it is a linear formatted game. You’re going to be playing missions in the Devil May Cry format, and you’ll be fighting a lot of bosses as well.

So be prepared for that. Now, as far as the weapons go, everything is amazing here in this game. You’ll have plenty of long-range and close-up attacks. As I don’t want to spoil too much about what you’re going to get in the game, so I won’t tell you about much detailed description here.

Devil May Cry 5 ApkDevil May Cry 5 Apk

DMC 5 content and version details:

This is not a very huge game which is a pro. So, you won’t have to download a lot of gigabytes of on your Android or iOS. And another Pro is that they have deluxe content, so you actually can get new weapons with Nero and an additional new weapon with Dante which is pretty awesome. You can get the deluxe edition or a regular edition which you can upgrade later if you want. Do I recommend the deluxe edition upgrade? Without a shred of doubt! Lots of additional goodies are included in the deluxe bundle pack, so the upgrade is well worth in our opinion.


Now, before I proceed further, let me tell you that we must support the developer’s efforts to bring us great entertainment in this game, so I request you to buy the game. However, you can also Devil May Cry 5 APK Download (Android And IOS) from the link given in this article, the choice is yours.

I would give Devil May Cry 5 a seven out of ten and the reason why is because if this were an open world Devil May Cry game. It would be one of the best games, probably of 2019. As you probably know that division 2 has already been released in its competition. So you have to choose between the two games. You have to decide whether you want to play an open-world game. Where you can get a bunch of hours in or do you want to play a linear game where you can play it. But the replay value isn’t very high? Let us know here; we will be waiting to hear from you on this page.