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Is the NBA 2K20 worth your time? Well, for us, we are one hundred percent sure that, yes the game is certainly worth buying. We think it’s a good game overall. It takes a while to get used to, but today, we will explain in this article why we think it’s actually worth buying while it seems many of the diehard fans are quite disappointed by this year’s version. We will get into that in a moment, but if you ever wanted to play the game in a mobile device (both Android and iOS), make sure to check the link below for NBA 2K20 Apk Download file. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

How to Get Download NBA 2K20 Mobile APK


You can get download NBA 2K20 Apk using the download now button. It will able to choose Android or iOS platform, which you want to get NBA 2K20 Mobile Apk.

NBA 2K20 Apk Mobile

What’s the problem with NBA 2K20?

It’s only been out for just a few days now, and people just started going nuts. Obviously, some things were broken with the game like playing “my career” and not seeing the player’s name on the back of Jersey. But that was a minor thing. It then came down to gameplay, and some connection issues here and there, like a lot of players were getting disconnected, and that didn’t make any sense. There were things that seem like they shouldn’t have been in the game or this game shouldn’t have been shipped the way it was, and that’s why that #fix2k20 hashtag trended worldwide, and it was completely deserved. But what we are going to explain here is that even though the game definitely needs to be fixed in some specific aspects, we feel like many gamers also overreacted with NBA 2k20s launch. Why? Let me explain.

Game speed: Is that really so bad?

A lot of people were complaining about the game speed and the way one plays like passing etc., and initially, we complained about some of them too. However, later we realized that we were trying to rush through the game playing online and it wasn’t merely our terrible game playing getting used to it, but it was also the fact that we were playing on Wi-Fi. So apparently this game doesn’t run well if the players are on Wi-Fi, they need to have an Ethernet connection with decent speed; otherwise, the latency would kill the game. If you want to try NBA 2K20 Mobile game, then follow the above tutorial and get download your NBA 2K20 Apk Free.

NBA 2K20 Apk Mobile Game

So, it seems fans were complaining about the gameplay of the game, speeding, and things like really early on, and it simply doesn’t work that way. One thing we have to mention is we have to get used to the gameplay because it’s not NBA 2K19, it’s clearly 2K20. A lot of people were complaining about the aspects of 2K19, like how cheesy the game was last year. The funny thing is, now even after the release of 2K20 version, they are complaining about how it’s not as cheesy as the previous year – which is ridiculous. It’s just a few days only, and they were spamming the developers to change things. We need to understand that there’s so much goes into a game and developing that you can’t just change a game every single day, doing so will mess everything up eventually.

Final Thoughts About NBA 2K20:

To sum it up, let us say this loud and clear, yes, the game is definitely worth playing, and you are not going to regret buying it, period. However, if you haven’t bought yet and are still enjoying the 2K19 version, you can wait a few more days until the developers iron out more glitches, and who knows there won’t be a discounted price, right?