The Tutorial to Get FIFA 20 Mobile Apk for Android and iOS

Welcome to today’s review of the most anticipated game of 2019, FIFA 20 Mobile, which is set to be released on September 24. In this article, we will talk about a few main aspects of this game, as well as where it’s different than its previous mobile versions, i.e. FIFA 18 and 19. So, without further ado, let us see what Fifa 20 Mobile game is all about.

The first thing we should start with is the mobile version launch. Yes, like many others, we were surprised too when we came to know that EA is going to release FIFA 20 for popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The game isn’t officially available in the play store or the app store yet, but you can find the FIFA 20 Apk Download file for both Android and iOS following this tutorial.

Download the FIFA 20 Apk For Mobile


Using the download button now can get download the FIFA 20 Mobile Apk in to your Android or iOS game.

Now, our first reaction concerning the game is, it’s radically different than the FIFA 18 and 19 both. It feels like a brand new football game, and this is something significant that we needed after the mess we had in FIFA 19 mobile game. This game is completely different from FIFA 19, which is pretty good. So, let us talk about it.

FIFA 20 Apk Download mobile

FIFA 20 Mobile: Ball physics and gameplay

FIFA 20 Mobile adds some small gameplay changes that make it a slower, and more deliberate game, but it also makes it feel more authentic than it’s been in FIFA 19 or 18 mobile game. And if you’ve played the previous iterations, you may feel like it’s a bit faster, it’s maybe going more and more into the arcade-style. In FIFA 20 Mobile, what it feels like is the physics of the ball to be more realistic. This creates some of the more beautiful elements of football as when everything clicks together from player movement to the ball physics to how the ball is struck the final third – it all makes for a more satisfying game when a play we put together is pulled off well. In above you can get download this FIFA 20 Mobile Apk and play the game in your Android or iOS device.

And the biggest change in terms of how players move and react are the defenders. The defenders chase down the player, they jump in front of the shot and overall they are much tougher to get past one on one, which realistically should be the case. The presentation is very well done, and it’s very realistic and authentic to the real thing. It’s more grounded like actual football, and we prefer it that way.

FIFA 20 Mobile Apk Gameplay

Fifa 20 Mobile Game: The “Volta” mode

Let’s talk about the brand new mode, the Volta. This is the main new mode which would come in FIFA 20 mobile game, and it’s pretty much FIFA Street. Fans are thrilled that this has been added to the game because they have been asking for it for quite some time. In the Volta mode, you can have all the unrealistic animations, scale moves, or the exploits, etc. That’s what gamers and fans always wanted, they wanted something like this – best of both worlds. However, you cannot play it with your friends – it’s a mode where you control all the five players. FIFA 20 Android Apk Download or iOS download can use the above guide and play game in your mobile.

In our opinion, when you introduce a style like this, it has to be similar to pro clubs where you control one player, and your friend controls another, and you can have a fiver side against five side – that’s what we thought this mode is going to be about, and apparently it’s not the case. But overall, it’s a fun mode to play, and it pleases everyone, so we don’t see why people should complain about this.